Summary of Activities and Achievements

Summary of Activities and Achievements

KPS Co. has the honor of working in close relationship and providing valuable services to foreign Oil companies active in Iran and other Asian companies such as SINOPEC, B.G.B, CNPC, SDI (, LIAHO, EDISON ITALLY, FRITZ and also provide services to Iranian Oil and Gas Industry stated below:

  1. Supplying various types of Fittings including Steel and Stainless Steel Industrial Nut and Bolts in different sizes.
  2. Supplying the total of 3000 meters of 14” pipes with 7mm thickness for National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC).
  3. Supplying the total of 3200 tons of HRC and Plate sheets for ‘Manufacturing Support and Procurement Kala Naft Tehran’
  4. Supplying the total of 1200 Tons of pipes in various sizes for Gheshm Hengam Project.
  5. Supplying 87 pieces of Flange and fittings for Gheshm Hengam Project.
  6. Supplying more than 5 kilometers of ERW and Seamless pipes and fittings for Hashemi-Nejad Gas Refinery.
  7. Supplying 1500 meters of 8” pipes for Tehran Oil Refinery (Tondgooyan).
  8. Supplying 2000 meters of 6” pipes for Tehran Oil Refinery (Tondgooyan).
  9. Supplying the total of 300 Gate Valves in 3” and 4” sizes for Tehran Oil Refinery (Tondgooyan).
  10. Supplying pipes, Fitting, Valves, etc. regarding water and sewage transmission line for EmamZadeh Ebrahim Project in Ghom province.
  11. Supplying of 5 kilometers of Steel and Polyethylene pipes for Water and Wastewater Company of Khorasan Razavi Provinces’ Water transmission Project.
  12. Supplying the required pipes and fittings for Faradast Energy Falat Company regarding the Star of Persian Gulf Refinery Project.
  13. Supplying loose part pipes for Gas storage project at Shooriejeh Khangiran Reservoir for Rampco Company.
  14. Supplying the total of 50 Mining Drill Bits in 6” and 8 1/2” sizes for North Azadegan Project (CNPC)
  15. Supplying the total of 11631 meters of tubing Pipes in 8 1/2” and 3 1/2” sizes for North Azadegan Project (CNPC)
  16. Supplying the total of 2315 meters of 7” Casing Pipes for North Azadegan Project (CNPC)
  17. Supplying the total of 3560 meters of 8 9/5” Casing Pipes for North Azadegan Project (CNPC)
  18. Supplying the total of 1700 meters of 20” Casing Pipes for North Azadegan Project (CNPC)
  19. Supplying different types of Liner Hanger in different sizes for CPTDC Company.
  20. Supplying pipes, fittings and valves required in Cheshme-Khoosh and TangeBijar Projects for West Oil and Gas Company.
  21. Supplying ½” to 4” pipes to Rampco Company for Tehran Oil Refinery Company’ Fire System Project.
  22. Supplying 3 kilometers of Seamless Carbon Steel pipes for Kermanshah Oil Refinery.
  23. Supplying 4 kilometers of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes in various sizes for Bidboland Refinery.
  24. Supplying more than 1000 pieces of fittings and flanges in Various sizes for Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC).
  25. Supplying 4 kilometers of steel pipes for Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery.
  26. Supplying Southern Zagros Oil and gas company with various types of pipes for use in Sour Systems for Nar and Kangan Operation area.
  27. Supplying the Alloy Fittings required for Imam Khomeini Refinery (Shazand)
  28. Supplying the total of 2500 Heat Exchange Tubes for Kermanshah Refinery.
  29. Supplying the total of 31 pieces of fitting and valves related to input and output stations pipelines for Tehran Refinery (Maham Shargh)
  30. Supplying 6” to 20” Stainless steel pipes and 8” to 24” Carbon steel pipes in three contracts for Abadan Refinery.
  31. Supplying 180 meters of 6” stainless steel pipes for Tehran Oil Refinery (Toondgooyan)
  32. Supplying 6” to 20” Carbon Steel pipes for Southern Zagros Oil and Gas Company (SZOGPC)
  33. Supplying 22,500 meters of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes and required amount of Fittings for Bitumen Hormoz Pars Company.
  34. Supplying 2008 meters Polyethylene pipes and required Fittings for Petro Farayand Karkheh
  35. Supplying 2520 meters of 1” and 2” Grade A pipes for Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery
  36. Supplying 2120 meters of ½”, 3” and 6” Carbon Steel, Seamless Pipes for Kermanshah Oil Refinery

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